All your podcast needs in one place... or in one man.

Audio and video production since 2011

I am a podcast editor and producer (audio and video). Currently working on: The Resetter with Dr. Mindy Pelz, Better! with Dr. Stephanie Estima, Health Coach Radio, Move Your DNA with Katy Bowman, and Change Academy.

In the past I produced and engineered:

  • The Jordan Harbinger Show (video)
  • Fat Burning Man w/ Abel James (audio and video)
  • Primal Blueprint w/ Mark Sisson (audio and co-host)
  • Bulletproof Radio (audio and video)
  • Endurance Planet w/ Tawnee Prazak (audio and co-host)
  • Ben Greenfield Fitness w/ Ben Greenfield (audio and podcast sidekick)
  • Primal Endurance w/ Brad Keans (audio and co-host)
  • Katy Says (audio)
  • Unbeatable Mind w/ Mark Divine (audio)
  • Obstacle Dominator w/ Hunter McIntyre (audio)
  • Get-Fit Guy (audio and blog)
  • Second Wind Fitness (audio and blog)
  • (audio and blog)


I have produced several Audiobooks including the best-selling book, Primal Blueprint, by Mark Sisson. Other audiobook projects include Grow Wild and Simple Steps to Foot Pain (Katy Bowman), Confident as F*ck (Elle Russ), Dawn Again (Donega Markegard), Wolf Girl (Donega Markegard), The Primal Connection and The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation (Mark Sisson), Death by Food Pyramid (Denise Minger), Fruit Belly (Romy Dollé), Primal Prescription (Doug McGuff and Robert P Murphy), Beyond Training and 10 Ways to Grow Tiny Superhumans (Ben Greenfield), Unbeatable Mind (Mark Divine), Paleo Girl (Leslie Klenke), The South Asian Health Solution (Ronesh Sinha), and Life After a Bypass (Richard Blakeborough).

Live Production:

I also provided live audio and stage support for events such as:

  • Become Superhuman (Spokane, Washington)
  • PrimalCon (Tulum, Mexico)
  • Unbeatable Mind Retreat (Encinitas, California)
  • PrimalCon (Oxnard, California)
  • PaleoF(x) (Austin, Texas)
  • Bulletproof Biohacking Conference (Pasadena, California)
  • I began working as a live audio tech in 1987 (yes, I was still in high school)